Mindful Way Living

What Makes This Mindfulness Resource Different?

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There are many websites and other resources focused on mindful meditation and related techniques. Most resources talk about mindfulness exercises and techniques, specifically practices that encourage you to engage in sitting and occasionally moving meditation as exercises with beginnings and endings.

Here in the Mindful Way Living resource, you're encouraged - and given tools - to incorporate mindful awareness as a way of experiencing life day by day. It's not only about meditation, it's about living consistently in mindful awareness.

When you're living in a state of mindfulness, a state of present moment awareness, stress is low or nonexistent, you're emotionally balanced, and your brain, mind, and body are in an optimum state of wellbeing.

Mindful Way Living tools, techniques, and experiences, are shared with you through the, "Mindful Way Living" podcast, videos, blogposts, and other resources designed to enhance your abilities to live in Present Moment Awareness throughout your day.

This is a new resource we'll be building rapidly over the coming weeks. I encourage you to begin by listening to the, "Mindful Way Living" podcast episodes by clicking the "Mindful Way Living Podcast" menu tab.

New Resource From an Established Service

This resource is brought to you through my company, Stress Solutions, LLC. I've helped thousands of people release stress and create successful lives using a variety of methods including Meditation, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), NLP, and multiple other techniques. You'll find more information about my background and certifications on the "About Us" page.